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Makai-LARP—still providing a completely bespoke service to Larpers around the world.  Every replica is custom made to your specification, with design features exclusive to you, the customer.  From simple swords and daggers to complex side-handled batons and flick knives, we make the implausible, possible!!









April 2011


New Features, new designs and updates coming! 


In Replica Firearms there have been some big changes.  Global Market Forces have given us no option but to increase all the replica firearm prices.  Considering that they have been unaltered in the last few years it’s not surprising that there should be an increase, but we’ve held on until now to make those changes to keep the prices as low as possible for the UK Larper.  We still stand by our claim that you *cannot buy a Denix replica firearm for LARP cheaper anywhere else in the UK.*   All still come pinned, oiled and tested to fire caps, Included in the Price!


We are also attending all of the Maelstrom Events this year, so come check our stock.  Always a bargain there and some replica firearms that are not featured here.


The Home of Renaissance-inspired live role-playing weapons and equipment, Makai-LARP was put together for those people looking for that something special to complete their outfit. 

Simply click on the sections to the left to check out our product range.  These are designs that have been produced for customers and are a benchmark for your own custom ideas.

If you have something in mind in the genre, or even out of it, give us a call and between us we’ll see what we can come up with. Our aim is to make that item you want a reality.


 If you want further information about the services we provide, please feel free to contact us direct, by email or telephone.


For terms and conditions and for our care and advice on how to treat your weapons, please see the links at the foot of the page.

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