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Replica Firearms (pre-1869)  a selection primarily from Denix, the premier Historical Replica Firearms manufacturer.  Please see the bottom of the page for the legal section.  While not able to chamber or fire ammunition, these replicas have semi-realistic working mechanisms and been modified (where required) to fire toy caps. When ordering, please also ask to confirm stock levels and current availability.   At the bottom of the page is our Holster section—take a look at our excellent custom work.  *****For Toy Caps, see the Pistols page.*****

SKU/Item Number: Holster-1

holsters for

“W H BUNNEY” Pistol

High Quality and durable Black Leather shoulder-holster designed to carry the W H Bunney Pistol, (not included) adjustable to fit and comfortable to wear in a very thick leather. Available for either left or right side under arm.

PRICE: £25

Also now available as a Double Sided Rig! 

PRICE: £35

Belt holster for the Bunney in Tan or Oxblood

PRICE : £14

Price: £145

SKU/Item Number: Rifle-1

Enfield Carbine (1860)

Price: £125

SKU/Item Number: Rifle-2

Kentucky flintlock rifle (19th century)

Overall Length: 45 inches approx

Overall Length: 40 inches approx

Price: £140

SKU/Item Number: Rifle-4

Napoleonic musket (1806)

Overall Length: 55  inches approx

Price: £90

SKU/Item Number: Blunder-1

English Blunderbuss 18th c

Overall Length: 30 inches approx

Custom Holsters now available, designed specifically with the Flintlock and Percussion Cap mechanism in mind. 


For a standard, heavy-gauge leather with a simple edging to a fully-customised design with a pop-stud strap to stop the pistol falling out, we can cater for any of the pistols shown on the site.  For reference :


No Design / Plain:  £25 (below, in black)


Complex Design:  £35 (Left, pattern with brown dye)


Please allow 28 days for delivery if the design is complex.  The holsters may also be altered to hang for right or left hand or back-draw.  Further information will be provided when ordering.


Custom Holsters

Here are our selection of non-firing replica firearms from pre-1869.  These replicas cannot chamber or fire ammunition. They are designed for display purposes only. The replicas are  constructed from a material unsuitable for use in a firearm. Any attempt to use these replicas as a firearm will cause them to explode. 

Makai-LARP assumes no responsibility from either intentional or accidental misuse of these replicas.

Makai-LARP does not ship replica firearms outside the UK.

Remember, never carry any replica firearm in public. Offences with replica firearms carry the same penalties as with real firearms.


WARNING:  After field testing and due to continued problems with this replica, Makai-LARP will no longer be pinning or guaranteeing this replica for cap firing.  If you still wish to purchase the Kentucky Flintlock Rifle we will be happy to do so at the above price.  Please understand that it will be delivered unaltered and unable to fire caps—customers will need to perform the pinning themselves.


At Makai-LARP we continue to stand by any product we sell to the LARP community.  Any advice we give has been obtained from personal experience with the products we sell.  If you have any other questions concerning DENIX replica firearms, please contact us directly.

Price: £120

SKU/Item Number: Rifle-3

Napoleonic carbine (1806)

Overall Length: 45  inches approx

Price: £POA

SKU/Item Number: Custom-1

Custom Work

Custom work can be undertaken, rifles, muskets and pistols taken into consideration.  Price depends entirely on design.  Please ask for details.


Shown here a custom Kentucky Flintlock, converted to a period over and under double barrelled rifle.  Also a Kentucky Pistol extended to double the length.

Price: £165

SKU/Item Number: Rifle-5

Brown Bess

Overall Length: 60  inches approx


A truly classic musket and very large, if you really want the biggest gun on the battlefield, this is for You.

Price: £110

SKU/Item Number: Shot-1

1864 Wells fargo stagecoach shotgun with ppistol grip

Overall Length: 28  inches approx

A short-stock Stagecoach breech loading replica, double-barreled with individual double-trigger action. The breach also breaks open as per the original.

*Not currently pinned to fire caps, testing ongoing*