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April 2010


Easter Maelstrom was cold, wet but as usual a great event.  Some updates to do and new weapons to take a look at.  Hope you like our latest work!               


September 2009


Thank you for another fantastic year from Profound Decisions.  The Maelstrom Campaign has been a great experience and will continue to be for years to come we are sure.  Thanks to our customers who have given us another fantastic year and hopefully the coming year will keep us going from strength to strength.


August 2009


It’s been a long year, with PC problems almost destroying the Makai-LARP website and the loss of a large portion of our photo portfolio, customer order list, contact details, payment details etc.  Rebuilding the website has been a real mission, but hopefully it’s back to some semblance of order.  There have been a lot of changes, first of all that the new Internet Explorer 8 no longer supports Microsoft Publisher 2003, which the website is built with.  Therefore if you are using IE8, apologies, the site now works BEST with Mozilla Firefox.   If you cannot see the menu on the left hand side of the screen, please try Mozilla. 


Otherwise it’s been a fantastic year for us, and a big thank you to our customers who have shown patience in the troubling times of losing our host system and everything that went with it.  We hope that everyone will bear with us as there are still problems that we are trying to overcome.


February 2009


Fantastic Events have been had by all, special thanks to the Havocs of Maelstrom putting on an excellent event in Northumbria—nothing like larping in a castle!    Also the Dragons of Maya for a marvelous Hunt.  The Kyotetsu shoge has been updated and improved, more work in Court Swords and Rapiers, certainly improving all round.  Also a nice new item, the Folding Cut-Throat Razor.  Hope you like it. 


January 2009


Great New Year to all and a great few events coming up.  Looking forward to the Maelstrom Player Events that are coming up and new cast latex work coming out.  Even more replica firearms soon.


November 2008


Almost the end of the year and the Larp Year as well.  Another fantastic year for Makai-LARP and thank you all for your support.  Ups and downs it sure has been! 


More pistols to be seen in our even larger section of replica firearms, however due to the ever increasing import costs we have been forced to put up the prices.  We are still providing pre-pinned, oiled and ready replicas for the LARP community at the cheapest possible prices though and will continue to do so for as long as possible.


August 2008 


Maelstrom Event 4 soon to be on us, looking forward to that and closely followed by EOS event 3.  This year has been too long waiting for it but it’s almost here!


Replica Firearms—we’ve tried to keep the prices down all year but finally the wholesaler has been forced to push up again, meaning we have to follow suit.  We are still committed to selling the cheapest replica firearms on the market AND every replica comes pre-pinned, (where required) oiled and tested to fire caps INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!!!!  You just can’t beat us for value to the UK Larper.


July 2008


Maelstrom Event 3 fast approaching and we are looking forward to it!  Replica Firearms busy as usual, even more designs coming through in the Renaissance lines. 


Due to a massive order undertaken for Maelstrom Event 4, the current order book is now full until September.   If there is something you want designing and making it is now best to get your order in and get in line, demand has been so great in the last few months we feel it would be best for our customers to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  On ordering we will give you a rough estimate as to the waiting time.  Of course if things get turned around well we will keep everyone informed.  Replica firearms continue to be turned around as fast as possible however, so continue ordering with our usual speedy service in mind.


Thanks for your business, this year has been fantastic so far and everyone we have dealt with has been brilliant.


June 2008


Maelstrom Event 2 went by and Wow, what a Fantastic Event!  Hats off to the Natives for making the Carnival of Carnage a fun time for all.  Toffee Apples, Carnies, you name it, we had it. 


Another Massive update here today, new replica firearms coming out this year, so here they are on the site.  More new holster designs, left and right handed, cross draw and standard.  New Swords in the Renaissance Section, the Mortuary Sword and the Small Sword, two that have been missing from the collection.  Also added the Naval Cutlass and Claymore, really great-looking designs. More new toys and projects in the Standard Larp section and the Larp Collection, including tonfas, a pair of fantastic Chinese daggers, a studded mace, a Crown and some neat Surgeons’ Tools.


You’ll need to take a good look around at all the new things available, we hope you enjoy the update.


April / May 2008


Bad News short term—due to a couple of strained wrists and pulled ligaments, the current order list is on hold.  This should be for the next two weeks.  Apologies for the inconvenience, Makai-LARP will be back working as normal as soon as possible.  Any replica firearms orders will still be going out as planned, so no change there.



The Home of Renaissance-inspired live role-playing weapons and equipment, Makai-LARP was put together for those people looking for that something special to complete their outfit. 

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If you have something in mind in the genre, or even out of it, give us a call and between us we’ll see what we can come up with. Our aim is to make that item you want a reality.


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